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Eric & Chilah

In a nutshell, we are Eric Jones and Chilah Weller, two of the owners of Workforce PayHub and Your Financial Solutions. Through these ventures we provide our clients Human Capital Management solutions (HCM) which include payroll, accounting, tax preparation and comprehensive outsourced HR solutions.

How We Got Here

When we first met (read the whole meet-cute story here), we recognized that we shared key goals and faith-based values.  We both wanted to build a business that would serve clients with integrity and create a joyful work environment with a team of people who felt like family, not just employees. So that is what we did. As we’ve grown, we’ve connected with companies whose people have become our customers, our partners, and our friends.

What’s happening here?

Still not sure why you’re here? Maybe this will help – this site, we mean.
On this site, you’ll find information and videos designed to help you understand that
we aren’t your usual outsourced payroll/HR/Accounting/Tax provider.


The quality of most business transactions comes down to PERSONNEL and PERSONALITY. When your people are happy at work, they work happily with greater efficiency and creativity. We show our clients how to create a positive, engaging, and empowering employee experience for their teams. When you implement our cloud-based HCM system, you give your employees the resources, tools, and control they need to manage their time, productivity, and success.

Business Management Solutions, eric & chilah
Speaking of implementation…

We understand the reluctance to implement new technologies at work. 

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Client facing approach to customer service

Our philosophy for creating a dynamic experience for our customers is to be client facing. 

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Can we help you?

Now that you know what’s going on here and you dig our vibe, you may be wondering if we can help you. 

You can learn more about the services we offer through